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Reflection - Returning back to the first love (Part 2)

(1).. Is your life standing right with god? 

(2) the first love still ruling & reigning in your heart? 

(3)..are you still vibrant and active in the race? 

(4) your hope still built on jesus christ? 

(5)...are you still faithful in the assignment which christ has bestowed upon you?

All these questions needs an answer..

Dear beloved, if you reading this message and you know deep down on the inside of are guilty of any of this questions...

The ball is in your court to accept the truth & depart from iniquity because the devil has nothing to offer you but jesus has come that you may have life more in abundance & also reign with him in eternity....this is an altar call for you.. 

If you miss this no remedy.. Now is your best time ever to rededicate your life to jesus.. Tomorrow may be too late for you... If you ready to give your life to jesus... Kindly indicate by typing i loose myself to you afresh then i will pray along with you now

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