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Apple plans iPhone software update to reverse Chinese ban

Apple claims it has found a software package resolution to the court injunction that recently prohibited a number of its older iPhones from being sold-out in China. in an exceedingly statement to Reuters the company said it'd be supplying a software package update “early next week” that it believes will address 

“the minor practicality of the two patents at issue in the case.” If the courts agree, this update can mean that Apple will still sell the iPhones affected by the ban, that embody the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and X.

Apple was recently found to be infringing upon two of Qualcomm’s patents in China, that were reportedly relating to resizing photos and managing applications. once the ban was first proclaimed, Apple claimed to CNBC that iOS 12 — the foremost recent version of its software package — doesn't infringe on those patents. If true, 

then issuing an update to force the affected iPhone models to update to iOS 12 may well be enough to reverse the choice. Apple has already filed an invitation for reconsideration in China over the ban.APPLE previously CLAIMED IOS 12 failed to INFRINGE ON THE PATENTS

However, this update is unlikely to bring the dispute to an end if Qualcomm, which Apple claims desires a settlement, has its means. simply yesterday the chipmaker requested an extra injunction to ban sales of the iPhone XS and XR, which are Apple’s latest iPhone models sold-out with iOS 12 pre-installed, the version of the software package that Apple claims doesn’t infringe upon the patents.

The dispute between Apple and Qualcomm in China is simply one a part of the worldwide legal battle between the two firms. Qualcomm has previously tried to ban iPhones within the United States, and has also claimed that Apple scarf its source code and shared it with its rival Intel. Apple meantime, has previously claimed that Qualcomm has been dramatically overcharging for the employment of its patents.

Given the bad blood that currently exists between the two firms it looks unlikely that Qualcomm are happy with an easy software package fix, but it'll ultimately be up to the Chinese courts to possess the ultimate say.
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