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How to fix a slow PC yourself

I recently had a relative inquire from me regarding some laptop problems he's having. He said the pc was some years old, and lately, it started slowing down. He explained that it had 16GB of Ram and a 500GB SSD HD that's regarding 50 % full. He runs Norton Antivirus, and, as far as he is aware of, it's virus free.

This is a problem that a lot of folks encounter and over time, and if you never re-install Windows on your computer, it'll seemingly happen to you. For Macintosh users, this doesn't appear to happen. once I first get an issue relating to the PC running slowly, I typically confirm the person has up-to-date antivirus software system which they are doing a scan for Malware with Malware bytes. 

When this is often done, if any malware was found and removed, the matter can be resolved. If there was no malware, then i prefer to seek out out regarding the share of disk drive space they've utilized. In my relative’s case, he is solely using 50 %, thus it is not a concern.

The next step in associate degree attempt|attempting} to hurry up an older laptop would be to seem for unspecified programs that aren't in use or not required any longer and uninstall them. My relative indicated that from time to time with CPU would spike for no apparent reason. i might investigate what program is causing the spike, and, if it's one thing that's not required, i might remove it. In fact, i'd remove something that I didn’t use within the past number of months. If you would like a program that you simply uninstall, you'll be able to continuously reinstall it.

The next issue that i might do is use a tool like MSConfig to disable any unnecessary  programs from mechanically initiating together with your laptop. in spite of everything these steps are completed, the pc ought to be running higher.

If not, it's time to look at the hardware.

I would visit and transfer the newest version in ISO format then use that to burn to a bootable disk. you'll then boot your laptop from the disk and run tests to see out your storage device to check if any is broken. If it is, replacing the broken memory should help fix the matter. i'd finally explore the disk drive to make sure it isn’t beginning to fail. you'll be able to sometimes head to your disk drive manufacturer’s website and transfer software system to check it there.

If the pc still isn’t running as quickly as you remembered, then it'd be time to reformat the pc and re-install Windows. this is often one thing that has to be done each currently then and might extremely make your laptop run like it did once it was brand new.
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